Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you're thinking about MBA

You are same with me! ^_^ High five! 

Thanks Allah, I meet this advise before I finally make my decision.. the link :

And here the advise + my respond. :D

The MBA degree is designed primarily for students who are considering a career change or hoping to advance in their careers, (may be that's the reason the requirement to join MBA is min 2.5years or 3 years working experience)  
therefore, implying that an MBA is a “terminal degree.(hmm.. this is first time I heard this term " terminal degree". what's that mean ? it means :is the highest academic degree in a given field of study
click here. for details. =)

Not only is the MBA degree commonly considered one's “last stop” in education, (owh eh? this my reaction.. ~ hehe.. because I think MBA can be my 2nd stop before doing Phd :p
but also many MBA students actually pursue an MBAs after having completed an advanced degree e.g. master's or doctor's degrees in another discipline.  (owh.. ? that's why they consider MBA as " terminal degree")

Because post-MBA plans are always career-oriented, (aha..! now I think I almost understand. :D
Alright this some advise on how to plan after you done your MBA (post-MBA plans)  here  )

do not consider your MBA as the transition to a higher degree. ( Alright! This is a very good ADVICE for me ^_^ ! )
Students wishing to pursue PhDs or DBAs at a later time should choose programs that have a more research and academic emphasis.  (MashaAllah.. Alhamdulillah.. I'm glad to find this advice. )


I'll say to MBA "wait for a while.."

and InshaAllah,  I'm going to pursue study in Master Economics or Master in Accounting.. Somewhere in that fields.

Masters Economics vs. MBA vs. Masters Finance : read here

Why an MBA Is Not Always the Right Choice : read here

Please make dua' (Prayer) for me.