Sunday, November 1, 2015

kata Ustaz AA Gym

hati tidak tenang.

banyak fikir,
kurang zikir


apa yang aku fikir?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bila kita mencari diri..

Bila kita mencari diri..
Jika tak bertanya Pencipta diri..
Maka agak sukar memahami..

Bila kita mencari diri ; bertanyalah pada Pencipta diri

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apa seterusnya. .

Tiup habuk-habuk blog ini.. lama tak menulis..

3 tahun grad..

Alhamdulillah. .
3 tahun itu juga saya telah bekerja..

Maka.. Setelah 3 tahun..

bermula persoalan .. what's next?
Ada kawan yang dah buat job rotation.
Ada kawan yang dah ada anak umur setahun.
Ada kawan yang dah sambung master

So what's next?

Hajat hati..
Saya juga nak sambung belajar.
Master in Economy.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you're thinking about MBA

You are same with me! ^_^ High five! 

Thanks Allah, I meet this advise before I finally make my decision.. the link :

And here the advise + my respond. :D

The MBA degree is designed primarily for students who are considering a career change or hoping to advance in their careers, (may be that's the reason the requirement to join MBA is min 2.5years or 3 years working experience)  
therefore, implying that an MBA is a “terminal degree.(hmm.. this is first time I heard this term " terminal degree". what's that mean ? it means :is the highest academic degree in a given field of study
click here. for details. =)

Not only is the MBA degree commonly considered one's “last stop” in education, (owh eh? this my reaction.. ~ hehe.. because I think MBA can be my 2nd stop before doing Phd :p
but also many MBA students actually pursue an MBAs after having completed an advanced degree e.g. master's or doctor's degrees in another discipline.  (owh.. ? that's why they consider MBA as " terminal degree")

Because post-MBA plans are always career-oriented, (aha..! now I think I almost understand. :D
Alright this some advise on how to plan after you done your MBA (post-MBA plans)  here  )

do not consider your MBA as the transition to a higher degree. ( Alright! This is a very good ADVICE for me ^_^ ! )
Students wishing to pursue PhDs or DBAs at a later time should choose programs that have a more research and academic emphasis.  (MashaAllah.. Alhamdulillah.. I'm glad to find this advice. )


I'll say to MBA "wait for a while.."

and InshaAllah,  I'm going to pursue study in Master Economics or Master in Accounting.. Somewhere in that fields.

Masters Economics vs. MBA vs. Masters Finance : read here

Why an MBA Is Not Always the Right Choice : read here

Please make dua' (Prayer) for me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Not sure

I'm choosing the best ,
as far as I know..

To the answer that I'm searching..
About the perfect life..
I'm stop finding it..

I have learned..
It's okey if there is weakness.. :')

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My ambition? Revising it..

At year 25++ years old,
I'm asking back my faq during my childhood . :)

what is my ambition..?

I have once said to my mum , I want to be a lawyer..
(but that was during my age at Standard School.. plus because I watch several drama series relates with lawyer.. yup.. it's interesting, so many cases can be solved and crisis able to handle well.. even though sometimes they facing trails and challenges, but with wisdom and critical thinking, they succeed.. )
hehe.. that's make me so admire about lawyer..  ("lawyer" in that drama series.. :D)

After join boarding school for my High School, here we had been learned more about Science and Maths matters..
so the options that usually show for us are to become doctor, chemist, dentist, accountant, engineer & architecture ..
Well.. I'm fine with the options, because I'm also have lost some interest to become lawyer.. because.. have gain some interest to become Accountant.. :p
(people asked me why I choose Accounting subject, while most of my friends choose Biology subject... I usually give my frankly answer.. "Because I'm not really interested to go deep and learn more about the Science.. - I'm so called not-Science-lover but not really hate..:D)

Well, after look like an "accounting" child..
so I pursue my higher education by taking Accounting Degree.
Alhamdulillah.. I've completed my studies and now working in Accounting fields.

And now.. after almost two years & 6 months working..
I'm now really want to "revise" back my ambition.. :D

I got several options (interested) to be now ~ :D
1. a Financial Analyst
2. an Accounting Lecturer
3. a TV Host 
4. full time housewife. :p

So dear me,
Please revise and improve your ambition..
As ambition comes with commitment and work hard.

You have first, examine your attitude currently .. :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't delay your happiness

We usually tend to delay our happiness.

Let me myself give my opinion. .

Because I think what I have now is not much.. and I have to struggle more to gain what in my imagination.

Because definition happiness toO high level..

My happiness defind by what I get..
But actually I now think. .
My happiness should be on what I have struggle and enjoy doing (#ikhlas) which can be counted as good deeds and make Allah please with me..