Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hoping others understand me..

Hoping others understand you..

It always happen to me.
And I'm always get frustrated then..
Because usually no body really bother about my feelings !


There's nothing worth  for me to hope for their attention.

But why you keep looking from them?

Without telling.. You know what exactly what I feel.

But dear me,
People not God. they don't really know what you feel..
You have to explain and justify your feeling.
They actually also have their own problems and difficulties..
And perhaps, it's me had done the same thing to other..


So what u give, u get back?

To improve self
1. Explain what u feel .. explain clear voice.. not yelling or while crying..
(emotional is optional, and let be wise to be focus on finding solution.. not really the feelings.. Let Allah fix your feeling.. =)

2. Blame no one
(Improve your self and other.. let make others be good, and Allah will help you feel better ^_^)

3. Bukan menjadi orang yang dihargai, tetapi jadilah orang yang berharga..
(Pujian itu ujian, Ujian itu Nikmat, Nikmat itu Ujian..)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thinking of study abroad

It has been almost two years and 5 months I'm being an employee  , and that also means the duration of my  "rehat" I have took..

Deep in my heart, I want to further my study..
But.. what makes me taking so long time to decide..? why I'm taking a long time for rehat time??

Usually before end of our degree, our friends and juniors will ask what our future plan..
As Bachelor accounting students, I'll happily will answer..  I'm planning to take ACCA (with balance 5 papers more) :D

and many more answer la i had gave :P
- Support my younger sisters and brothers education,
- Getting married, become wife and mum..

After these while..
What I have done is working..
Which I felt I'm so struggling to be enthusiasm in it..
huh? weird?

Now I realise..
I think my passion is in education line.. (I think :p)

So.. to be fit in education line, I think it is better for me to have Master..
As ACCA was in my dream once upon a time, I did asked my senior about her opinion on ACCA,
(Actually she was done taking ACCA) - But her suggestion for me is taking Master of Accounting..

Currently in process to apply master.. if ACCA possible to apply, I also will apply. just apply first then if get the offer letter, I will discuss back with my senior and seek advise from my lecturer ke.. (After two years not meet them.. :P)


I'm writing this post so that I want to see the progress on my effort and future planning..
as previously I'm not really check list on my future planning, so hope this as one of good method to monitor my "planning" ^_^


Ps: Universities that has been offered loan by Mara