Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Resume..

Contrary to Legally Blonde, dyeing your resume pink and bathing it in Chanel No. 5 will not get you into Harvard, nor will it get you a job. In case you take career advice from Elle Woods, below you will find the worst resume mistakes in the history of resume mistakes, followed by why these little errors are the reason why you're not even granted a pity interview. Spell check doesn't catch everything, and no one cares how active you were in Girl Scouts, unless you traveled to India to empower girls to sell Thin Mints. Which, in that case, we'll take two boxes.

The header

The idea of a resume is to fit the most pertinent information into a small space. (On that note, a resume should NEVER, under any circumstances, be more than one page long.) Your name and contact information should not be size 40 font, and you should include multiple ways of contacting you; phone, address, and email are sufficient.

The objective

This should be no more than 5 or 6 words, and should state exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind your wording could give them an impression of how experienced, or inexperienced you are. If it says "Seeking an entry-level position," guess what? That's the salary you'll be offered.

Your experiences

Think of a resume like an upside-down pyramid. The most important information should be on the top, and the farther down the page you go, the less important the information is. Your potential employers know how to skim resumes, and if they don't see something impressive in the beginning, they will move on. Make sure your experiences are first--recognizable names and companies are more impressive than what school you went to.

Things not to include

Reasons why you were fired or left a job, how you won a spelling bee in high school, and your high school GPA and SAT scores. Also, do not include typos. Have ten people read your resume over after you, so that they might catch any grammatical errors that you may not have caught. Also, do not include your Myspace or Facebook page link. Chances are, if you're being considered for the job...they'll see it soon enough, anyway. Also, do not link to your personal blog unless it is somewhat successful or extremely relevant to the job you're applying for. Lastly, do not rhyme. (Saying you have a passion for fashion is more than not okay.)

The worst thing you could do

And finally. Never appear at an interview without a copy of your resume. Can't find a printer in time? Reschedule the interview. Unless you won the Nobel Peace Prize, showing up sans resume is what Liz Lemon calls a dealbreaker, people.


“Sesungguhnya kebijaksanaan adalah laksana barang yang hilang dari seorang mukmin. Maka di mana sahaja ia temui, dialah yang berhak mengambilnya”-Daripada buku ‘Bahtera Penyelamat’, Fathi Yakan


Means, strong in BODY, MIND, SOUL.

I want to survive this world with bless of Allah!

"Mukmin yang kuat itu lebih disukai Allah dari Mukmin yang lemah"

Ayyuhal syabab, lakukan anjakan paradigma! Berubah kearah yang lebih baik!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost too cute ^_^

Almost too cute

Think your cat is cute? Well, it's a hideous beast compared to the "surprised kitty." The kitten shredded the Search box and became a Web sensation, thanks to an a-dor-a-ble video. In the video, a person stands over the tiny kitten and tickles the cat's tummy. Each time the person pulls their hands away, the surprised kitty mimics the motion. It really is just about the cutest thing you've ever seen and would melt the heart of even the staunchest cat-haters. Searches on "surprised kitty" and "surprised kitty video" both posted triple-digit gains. Me-ow!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The world~

The world rules whoever loves and seeks it,
and serves whoever abandons and denies it.
The world is that which desires and that which is desired.
Whoever desires the world is rejected by it.
Whoever rejects the world is followed by it.
The world is a bridge over the road to the Hereafter.
Cross that bridge, but do not behave as if you will remain on it forever.
It is unwise to build palaces on bridges.
Take as much from the world as will lead you to the Hereafter,
but leave behind that which will prevent you from entering it.

Yahya ibn Muadh


Think about it ;)

It's hell for muslim, yet heaven for kuffar..

heaven for the muslim, yet hell and remaining hell for kuffar...


final exam is around the corner..
well my dear sis (refer it to my self)..
please put your full effort to get what you want..

don't be too confident that you are good enough with
your note,tutorials,stay up etc..
if you did not get any bless from Allah and your parents..

Study hard, Pray Harder...