Sunday, June 6, 2010

I LOve Monday ^_^
[This cat is NOT a good example :P]

To start the activity again on Monday for some people is very heavy after a holiday weekend. Generally the majority of workers face syndrome 'I Hate Monday "and rarely are greeted with excitement earlier in the week.

Some employees even choose not to work on Monday using any excuses because they don't have the spirit to face Monday :) So, try to remember the last time you felt very happy to welcome Monday aka 'I Love Monday'.

There are some tips to overcome the "I hate Monday" syndrome :

1. Use the weekend wisely and not too much sleep during weekend.
Most people use the weekend to pay the debt for lack of sleep and wake up very late. Whereas the body needs time to adjust to a normal schedule, so we feel lazy wake up Monday morning and feel more sleepy. My personal tip is go to have something beneficial in Saturday or Sunday. Spend some of your time to go to the places that have "majlis ilmu" (teach Islamic knowledge). Use the weekend to re-charge your energy optimally as well as to boost up your spirit.Remember.. As a muslim, everything we do we dedicate to Allah as our ibadah (worship).So be motivate to start our ibadah in monday.. ya.. our work is our ibadah too! ^_^

2. Do a to-do-list job
Sometime, we don't know what to do as soon as we reach the office. You may avoid this with a to-do-list job. List all the tasks you'd like to do on Monday, begin with the simplest one. Don't be too ambitious too, and avoid to conduct a meeting on Monday morning if it possible. Because sometime, our weekend-leg-effect brain doesn't want to cooperate. I think it would be better to have a meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. Try to create something interesting on Monday.
For example, dinner with old friends or with your spouse or just promise to talk by phone on Monday afternoon. Go to the gym on Monday evening, or go swimming on Monday evening, have a hair spa after work and etc.

4. Give a special appearance on Monday
For women, you may wear a different kind of perfume and different or new shoes etc. It will give you more spirit to deal with Monday. Don't be too shiny like wearing a shining nail polish or heavy accessories, just wear something bright like blue, light pink, or green blouse. For men, you may wear a bright color tie, etc.

Happy Kids

5. Give equal time among work, family, and yourself.
Allow time for family and yourself during the weekend time. Spend the quality time with them, don't have to be expensive, an activity like back-yard barbecue on weekend is a nice thing to do with family during weekend. It's important to have a great weekend to re-charge the energy for Monday.

Sweet Baby with Toothy Smile
6. Love your work and try to smile in the morning.
If you had to love your job, Monday was not a problem anymore. Try to smile on Monday morning in front of your mirror :) The smile will help to clear up the negative feelings and bring back the good mood. So, increases your face value.

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7. Be thankful.
There will be no Friday without Monday. So, be thankful for the job itself, that we still have the job. It will make us appreciate the blessing and give our best to do all the tasks. The positiveness will shine through us and will spread to people around us. Have a great Monday :)

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